Free $25 Gift Card Program for Vail Businesses & Employee’s

The Town of Vail and Vail Chamber is giving out $25 gift cards to businesses for their employees!  The cards can be used at participating Vail businesses Oct 15th through Dec 15th.

We need business participants! Sign up here

If you accept the card, you then turn the card in to us and we reimburse you for the $25! So it’s FREE to you and you may make extra money during this time. 

A copy of the receipt and the card itself is what we need to reimburse you!

It is FREE to the Business and FREE to the employee.  It’s part of the Town of Vail Covid Recovery Program!

Let’s make this a fun fall for everyone! 

Fill out the form- that’s it!  How many cards you need and if you will accept the cards! 

Details for pickup and delivery to follow!