Vail Daily health column: Your thyroid, your health

19th January, 2015 by

By caramie schnell

Did you know every cell in your body depends on thyroid hormones for regulation of metabolism? If your thyroid is not functioning properly, it may produce too much thyroid hormone, causing hyperthyroidism and symptoms of increased metabolism (i.e., anxiety, frequent bowel movements, bulging eyes, irregular heartbeat, weight loss despite increased appetite). Or it may produce too little thyroid hormone, causing hypothyroidism and symptoms of slow metabolism (i.e., fatigue, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, constipation, unexplained weight gain, depression, infertility, muscle/joint pain). THE THYROID GLAND, TSH/T4/T3 The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland at the base of your neck. It is …

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