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Guest Service Training Program Created to Elevate Collaboration, Employee Engagement, and Guest Experience

Enrollment for the Prima Vail program be will be offered at no cost to employees, managers and owners of Vail businesses to coincide with the 2019-2020 ski and snowboard season. Registration is available online.


Any Vail employee who is in the PrimaVail guest service training initiative is eligible to be nominated for a PrimaService award by a fellow employee, a manager or a resident or guest. 
How it works: Send your employee nomination to Include name, job, and briefly describe the particular story of exemplary guest service that your employee provided. You can also engage your guests to participate by including this information in your business. Beginning Jan. 15, at the Vail Après 3 p.m. event at Sweet Basil, an employee winner and their story will be announced. We will announce a winner on the 15th of each month through April.

PrimaVail is a great inaugural program which not only educates employees on the importance of premier hospitality, but it also creates a sense of community among its participants. To learn about the history and founding of our mountain resort community instills a sense of pride for all of those who call Vail home. ” – Molly Eppard, Art in Public Places Coordinator


Any Vail employee who is in the PrimaVail guest service training initiative is eligible to participate. How it works: If you or one of your employees is interested in learning more about how our resort community, from mountain to village, ticks and you think you might have a future career aspiration, we have a list of professionals to connect you with!
From the Town of Vail to Vail Mountain, from lodging to marketing, from village operations to mountain operations, from restaurant to retail, from local government to guest service, we look forward to making a connection for you! Please email your name, job, and briefly what area you are interested in exploring further to*

“Our staff at Lion Square Lodge attended a total of 12 guest service training and leadership sessions prior to the holiday season.  They enjoyed the training piece of the program and found it very helpful and a good supplement to our in house training program.  The staff also enjoyed meeting other hotel, restaurant and retail shop staff from the area and found the networking aspect to be valuable.  We have a terrific guest service team this season and our guest feedback has been better than ever, especially regarding our staff.” -Michael Lange, Executive General Manager — Wyndham Vacation Rentals

Please feel free to provide us feedback about your experience at the PrimaVail Events. Click here for Survey!

The PrimaVail curriculum will offer 4 different sessions. Parking will be provided.

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  • PrimaVail participants who are also a part of the Vail Chamber will receive the Locals Discount Card “Mountain Hospitality Ambassador”
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Monthly Mixers
  • Vail Survival Guide
  • Facebook Page for PrimaVail and MHA
  • Attend all 4 PrimaVail Classes and receive recognition for Elite Status
  • Future program will encourage Guests to nominate Vail Employees for recognition and awards.
  • Future program will highlight businesses in Vail that accept MHA discounts. for more information

“I went to the history class this morning and it was GREAT!  I really enjoyed it and will probably get more of my employees to attend.  Everyone presenting was fantastic and the info was priceless.  So much stuff I didn’t know.  Thank you for doing this, it was really interesting.” – General Manager @ Eagle Point


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