New Mountain Hospitality Ambassadors

We would like to invite you to sign up for the Mountain Hospitality Ambassador Card.
By becoming a Mountain Ambassador of Vail, you receive a Mountain Hospitality Card with LOCAL DISCOUNTS!
As a Vail Ambassador, I pledge to gain local knowledge 
and offer premiere customer service throughout Vail. 
The Mountain Hospitality Ambassador Card is for my use only and 
I understand the benefits associated with this card. 
These benefits are a privilege not a right.
I am an integral part of making our Vail community great!

**Not valid during Christmas, New Years, MLK, President Day weeks and at the discretion of the business owner. Card expires October 31, 2019 and cardholder agrees to receive newsletter.

Mountain Hospitality Ambassador Facebook Page

Please watch the video to qualify for the MHA card

 Send an email to with the following info.

  1. Where can you find more info about the 10th Mountain Division?
  2. What does NOD stand for?
  3. What’s your next everest?

Mountain Hospitality Ambassador Card is available to employees in Vail who participate in a minimum of 1 Mountain Hospitality Event. Events may include Winter Update Meeting, Employee Walking Tour, January Reboot and more to come

Find all the Ambassador Discounts at  (contact for password after you receive your card)

  • Antlers Vail
  • Arriesgado
  • Big Bear Bistro
  • Bol
  • Buzz’s Ski Shop and Buzz’s Boards
  • Bridge Street Ski Haus
  • Craniologie
  • Covered Bridge Store
  • El Sabor
  • Evergreen Ski Haus
  • Frost
  • First Bank
  • Garfinkel’s
  • Generation Vail
  • Karats
  • Leonora Restaurant
  • Los Amigos
  • Mountain Standard
  • Russell’s
  • Sebastian
  • Sweet Basil
  • Tavern on the Square
  • Vail Health & Edwards Pharmacies
  • Vail Chamber
  • Vail Style
  • Vail T-shirts Company
  • West Vail Liquor Mart
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