Eagle County COVID-19 Business Toolkit Last updated July 17, 2020

21st July, 2020 by VCBA

Welcome to the Eagle County COVID-19 Business Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to help you apply the Eagle County Public Health Orders in the unique setting of your business, and properly communicate to your employees and customers.

It also links to resources and support to empower you and your business to lead the way as Eagle County recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Table of Contents

  1. Welcome letter from the Eagle County Board of Commissioners
  2. News Release for current Public Health Order (July 17)
  3. Revised Public Health Order (Effective July 17)
  4. Communicating to your customers and employees
    1. Transition Trail Map
    2. Social Distancing Protocol form 
    3. How does my business communicate our social distancing protocols?
    4. 5 Commitments of Containment
    5. Safety & Protocols Toolkit
    6. Print and social media assets
  5. ECPHE Industry Specific Guidance
  6. Participate in your industry’s Private Sector Task Force
  7. Helpful business links and resources 
  8. Planning for the future

Board of County Commissioners




Hello and welcome to your Eagle County Business Toolkit.

New Eagle County Public Health Orders mean that Eagle County is continuing to progress toward recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within this kit you will find the tools you will need to:

  • Help lead the way forward for your business and your community
  • Understand the three phases of the Transition Trail Map
  • Get your questions answered
  • Share your success stories
  • Get a first overview look at our county-wide road to economic recovery

The residents, businesses, organizations, and governments of Eagle County have done very well in this effort so far, and we have been leading the way in the State of Colorado. This is due to your hard work and diligence, and the next phases of our recovery are equally as reliant on individuals and businesses in Eagle County moving forward, in unison, through the three phases of the new Public Health Order. 

Public health is providing the rules of the road, but implementing these orders will create many specific scenarios, questions, and challenges unique to your business or industry. We are working with private sector business leaders to address these challenges, and you will find further information within this toolkit to connect with peers in your sector and consolidate your approach. 

To date, we have been successful navigating through the Green Circle and Blue Square Phases with limited increases in COVID-19 cases. We continue to rely on your special knowledge of your industry, and your connection with your customers, to help unify and lead our community forward.

Please use the Transition Trail Map and other marketing and communications tools within this document to help us share key messages with your employees, displayed in your place of business, shared among your industry peers, and utilized in your marketing and social media assets.

We will be here for you throughout this process, applying your feedback in our own efforts, and supporting a healthy and robust road to recovery. 


Kathy Chandler-Henry    Jeanne McQueeney    Matt Scherr

News Release for current Public Health Order ( July 17th) 

View the News Release: Cases in COVID-19 Prompt Changes to Public Health Order

Revised Public Health Order (Effective July 17th) 

View the official legal document outlining specifics of the Public Health Order

Communicating to your customers and employees

The “Transition Trail Map” helps put the Public Health Order into easy-to-understand components. Use the Trail Map to help guide your own businesses specific protocol for each phase of the transition. 

View the Transition Trail Map

Eagle County Public Health will determine which phase we are in: 

Green Circle,  Blue Square, orBlack Diamond. 

How does my business communicate our social distancing protocols?

If you choose to open your business, you must fill out the Social Distancing Protocol English | Spanish form and make the completed document available to your employees and public.  

Post the appropriate symbol  Green Circle,   Blue Square, orBlack Diamond in a public, visible place at your businesses for the duration of that phase. Printable Black Diamond

We are currently in the Black Diamond Phase. Please post a Black Diamond in a publicly visible place at your business. Do not post Green Circle or Blue Square until Public Health determines we are in that phase. 

Please also use the signage in this folder to help communicate how your Business is Complying with Eagle County’s Public Health Orders.

Help share the “Five Commitments of Containment”

  1. I will maintain 6 feet of social distance
  2. I will wash my hands often
  3. I will cover my face in public
  4. I will stay home when I am sick
  5. I will get tested immediately if I have symptoms

Use the Safety & Protocols Toolkit to communicate with your Employees

Print and social media assets:

ECPHE Industry Specific Guidance

Participate in your Industry’s Private Sector Task Force

Connect with others in your industry, share solutions, and get answers to industry-specific questions 

We understand there will be many questions about how to implement the broader Public Health Orders into your specific situation. We are working with Private Sector Task Forces to ensure that the business community has the tools and resources they need, that they can connect with one another to share solutions, and that they can have their voices heard. 

Connect to your industry taskforce by filling out the Private Sector Task Force Form.

Other business links and resources 

There are many resources available. Below are just a few, or visit https://www.eaglecounty.us/COVID19/ for more. 

Planning for the future

Eagle County is actively planning for the near-, mid- and long-term future as the economy emerges from the COVID-19 crisis and heads toward a new normal. 

Our county has the opportunity not only to come back, but to come back stronger than ever before. We look forward to working with you to build a brighter future for our community. 


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