It Takes A Vail Valley

9th June, 2020 by VCBA

Who: A community-wide effort supported by anyone who enjoys the valley; locals, lifers, seasonal or occasional visitors to the valley to help support local businesses and charities.

What: A centralized resource for local brick and mortar and e-commerce businesses based in the Vail Valley to promote offers and products via posts on Instagram, (@ittakesavailvalley) as well as offering specific products whereby a percentage of the cost will be donated to The Community Market.

Where: Online and retail/restaurants participating by posting and promoting their offerings on social media.

Why: COVID 19 has taken an incredible toll on local businesses and was a community are stronger together, working to create awareness far and wide to support these businesses. Vail Valley needs support not just from locals, but from second homeowners and visitors alike who want to support the restaurants and retailers that symbolize Vail in their minds and hearts.

Next Steps: It takes A Vail Valley will connect with consumer-facing businesses in the valley to promote this initiative. The hope is that each business will use the @ittakesavailvalley feed to promote its offerings and update our community on how to support them. Additionally, #ittakesavailvalley will create specific products, (see below) representing a broad price range whereby the retailer and the most in need residents of our Valley will benefit from selling the products.

Branded Collateral (see below for examples)

  1. Branded 7×7 Flags– Wholesale $4.75 from First Chair Designs,(minimum 100 to order) sell retail for $20, with $5 donated to The Community Market. Retails/restaurants can put in flower pots, window displays, window boxes and can either sell, or give as a gift with purchase. To order contact Cynthia Pillsbury
  • Branded 4×4 Window Decals– Wholesale $1.85 from First ChairDesigns, (minimum order 100 to order) and sell for $10 with $3 donated to The Community Market. Retailers/Restaurants can put in their windows, sell and or give as a gift with purchase. To order contact Cynthia Pillsbury
  • Branded All Stars Ski Town Hats– Wholesale $14 (reduced from$18, minimum 20 to order, in two color ways) and sell $35, $5 donated to The Community Market. To order contact

Examples of the flags, decals, and hats are below. If interested in learning more, please contact Cynthia Pillsbury 415-497-0065


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