Brewing seminar at Big Beers fest in Vail explores the world of ‘coolships’

1st January, 2016 by

By Krista Driscoll

It’s likely you’ve only heard of coolships, or “koelschips” in the original Flemish, if you’re a brewer or an uber beer geek. “The style of fermentation is one of the oldest known ones in brewing history,” said Jeffrey Stuffings, founder of Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas. “It predates the knowledge of microorganisms: yeast and bacteria. It was a way to inoculate beer before brewers knew they needed to do that.”As the name implies, these large, open, shallow vessels were originally devised for cooling, taking the boiling liquid wort and spreading it out to create more surface area for the …

Source:: Vail Daily Feed



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