Actively Green 2015 ambassador profile: Larry Cavanaugh

29th December, 2014 by

Editor’s note: This is a weekly spotlight that celebrates a local person who works for an Actively Green 2015 participating sustainable business.

Name: Larry Cavanaugh.

Job: President, Centennial Bank Vail.

Why take the initiative to certify Centennial Bank in Vail as Actively Green? We want to be on board with the town of Vail’s sustainability goals.

What do you hope to get from participating in this program? We would like to get through the process to show that we can quantify our results and that it really does pay off.

Describe a challenge you face in regards to resource management: Banks are generally big paper users, and we have been, too. One of our big initiatives is to reduce the amount of paper we go through by moving toward more electronic files.

What is the biggest impact of Actively Green? The biggest impact is how this program raises awareness in the town and the rest of the county.

Favorite sustainable practice at home? I have an aerobic compost pile in the yard that a few of my neighbors also contribute to, so we are able to repurpose our organic material into high quality, natural fertilizer for our gardens. A couple years ago, we did an experiment where we put the compost in one side of our flowerbed and not the other side. It was amazing to see how much bigger and more vibrant the plants were on the compost side.

My big vision for a more environmentally sustainable Vail Valley includes: A countywide composting facility so people and businesses without the space could contribute to this form of waste diversion.

The Actively Green 2015 sustainable business certification program is a community-driven partnership supported by the town of Vail, the Vail Valley Foundation, Sustainable Travel International and Walking Mountains Science Center. To get involved, go to


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