Vail Daily column: Pronghorns: Speedsters of the Colorado high plains

21st September, 2014 by

By Edward Stoner

Colorado is home to one of America’s fastest land mammals, Antilocapra Americana, better known as the Pronghorn. Pronghorns are often referred to as pronghorn antelope, which is misleading as a pronghorn is not related to the antelope family (much like our state bird, the lark bunting, which is actually a sparrow). Pronghorn are a unique family of ungulates endemic (native) to North America. These majestic bullets of the plains are identified by their tan bodies, white throat bands and white rump. The giveaway is obviously their unique horns, which harbor a prong-like branch partway up the horn on bucks. Females …

Source: Vail Daily Feed



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