Watching the MLB All-Star Game/Jeter tribute

16th July, 2014 by

By Chris Freud

So you’re the sports editor? What do you do? Well, on a quiet Tuesday, I watch the All-Star Game. Here we go: Pregame Thank God, Tim McCarver retired. This is already the best All-Star Game ever. If I were still drinking, here’s a drinking game. Every time anyone fawns about Derek Jeter, drink. My bet is that we’d all be done by the third inning. First inning Must root for Yasiel Puig. How do I do this? I hate the son-of-a-gun. OK. Puig strikes out. Sic semper Dodgers. Derek Jeter Re2pect ad airs. Good ad. I like that Mr. Met’s …

Source: Vail Daily Feed



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