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Financial Assistant to Eagle County Residents


Olivia’s Fund will provide financial assistance to anyone who lives or works in Eagle County to help pay for mental health and/or substance use services for up to six sessions per person per year.

Unfortunately, we are unable to cover costs for medication or inpatient services at this time.  The scholarship funds are provided by generous private donors and foundations who wish to support behavioral health services but recognize that many individuals cannot obtain those services because of financial barriers.

Olivia’s Fund will cover anyone in need of behavioral health services, regardless of insurance or immigration status. Medicaid clients are not eligible for scholarships, as Medicaid will cover the full cost of behavioral health services.

The EVBH therapist directory provides a list of behavioral health clinicians in the Valley who accept Medicaid.  If an applicant has commercial insurance, EVBH will encourage them to work with their behavioral health provider to utilize their insurance plan and other payment sources, such as employee assistance programs, to maximize all available funding sources for treatment.

Scholarships will be provided for the following reasons:

  • The applicant does not have health insurance OR the applicant has a health insurance plan with a high deductible and/or copay. 
  • There are no in-network providers in Eagle County who accept the applicant’s health insurance. 
  • All of the in-network providers who accept the applicant’s insurance are not accepting new clients and the applicant must receive services from a provider who does not accept insurance.
  • The applicant has an existing relationship with a therapist who does not accept insurance (applicant has been seeing this provider for 4 or more sessions)
  • The applicant has demonstrated a need for speciality care from a provider who does not accept insurance. 
  • The applicant has received services from providers who accept insurance and determined that these providers can not meet their needs.  

In order to be approved for a scholarship, the patient must:

  • Attest that the applicant lives and/or works in Eagle County and they are facing a financial barrier to seeking behavioral health services.
  • Agree to the release of the patient’s personal information (information listed on the application) to Eagle Valley Behavioral Health and the behavioral health provider of their choice.   
  • Accept responsibility for identifying and scheduling appointments with the participating behavioral health provider of their choice. Olivia’s Fund does not schedule appointments for scholarship recipients or make referrals for any specific providers in the Therapist Directory. 
  • Agree to schedule their first session with a behavioral health provider within 30 days of being approved for a scholarship. The scholarship will expire after 30 days and the patient must reapply to the program.
  • Acknowledge that if the patient does not attend a scheduled appointment, the scholarship program will pay the provider for one “no show” session.  If the patient misses a second appointment, they will no longer be eligible for free sessions covered by the scholarship program.

Olivia’s Fund will encourage behavioral health providers to utilize the patient’s insurance when possible.  For those patients receiving services from providers who do not accept insurance, fees for behavioral health sessions will be covered based on pre-negotiated rates with providers. The following is the total amount that the Olivia’s Fund scholarship will cover per session based upon the provider’s level of education:

  • $100/session for services provided by master’s level clinicians 
  • $130/session for services provided by doctorate level clinicians
  • $165/session for services provided by a psychiatrist

All providers will be encouraged to discuss alternate and sustainable funding options with patients if they feel that the patient could benefit from more than the six sessions covered by the Olivia’s Fund scholarship. 

Providers outside of the Olivia’s Fund “network” can join at any time. If a patient wants to see a provider who is not currently credentialed with Olivia’s Fund, the provider can contact EVBH to be included in our network of providers.  The provider must be credentialed in the Olivia’s Fund system before the patient can use the scholarship and the provider can get paid.

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