Vail Daily column: Program looks to next generation of conservationists

3rd August, 2014 by

By Edward Stoner

“Hey! I found another item from the scavenger hunt!” yelled an SOS Outreach student from down the trail at the Eagle River Preserve in Edwards. This activity, and many others, forms the core of Eagle Valley Land Trust’s Summer 2014 Future Conservationists program. “What’s that wildflower’s name again?” I yell back. “It’s a skyrocket, right?” the student hesitantly answers. “Right!” I exclaim, running toward the student for a high-five. The student crosses out “wildflower” from her scavenger hunt paper, and writes “skyrocket” next to it, so she won’t forget. I could tell her most people call the flower a scarlet …

Source: Vail Daily Feed



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