Vail Performing Arts Academy’s musical stage adaptation of ‘Xanadu’ plays at the Vilar

4th August, 2016 by

By Randy Wyrick

BEAVER CREEK — Can a group of kid performers properly and hilariously lampoon an outrageously bad 1980s movie about an artist and his muse who find love in a Los Angeles roller disco?Why yes, they can, and we’re glad you asked.The Vail Performing Arts Academy is presenting “Xanadu Jr.,” the hilarious comedic stage adaptation, not the howlingly bad movie.That’s an important distinction, because even the strident and humorless New York Times called the stage play an “outlandishly enjoyable stage spoof.”The “outrageously bad movie” killed Olivia Newton-John’s budding movie career, and might have killed Hollywood legend Gene Kelly outright. It was …

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