Riders survive, conquer Davos Dash

14th August, 2014 by

By Chris Freud

VAIL — It’s not just you. Really. We’ve got proof. “It’s the hardest thing I do all summer as far as just a brutal gut-wrenching effort,” Jay Henry said. “There’s no other race that hurts quite like this one.” There. Feel better? That’s the guy who won Wednesday’s Davos Dash in 17 minutes, 21 seconds. Henry’s the guy who holds the record for this course at 16:45 (2009), and he’s pretty much a cycling cyborg (who happens to be a very down-to-earth affable guy). ‘THAT WAS TOUGH’ Beth Bush did the Leadville 100 on Saturday. That was 10-plus hours on …

Source: Vail Daily Feed



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