Experts: Resort party culture promotes drug, alcohol use

By Lauren Glendenning This is the third part in a four-part series looking at suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health resources in the mountains. Licensed clinical psychologist Jill Squyres moved to Eagle from Texas two years ago. She thought that suicide rates and depression would be low in the beautiful mountains of western […]

Freedom to read

By Melanie Wong “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and the Harry Potter series — all classic childhood favorites, right? They’re also among some of the most historically challenged and banned books in the United States — proof that one person’s idea of a masterpiece might be offensive and vulgar to another reader. […]

Working-age men at highest risk for suicide

By Lauren Glendenning Editor’s note: This is the second part in a four-part series looking at suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health resources in the mountains. Read tomorrow’s paper for part three in this series focusing on drug and alcohol use in the mountains. All seven of Eagle County’s 2013 suicides were white, […]

Vail Daily column: The power of focused attention

By Edward Stoner Have you ever heard the phrase “We become what we think about”? Or, “People who think more positively are typically more successful”? I’ve heard both and yet wondered in the past how, if most of our thought is unconscious, do successful people purposefully think more positively? Though it may seem contrary, the […]

Avon candidate forum is Oct. 8

By Edward Stoner AVON — Public Access TV 5 and KZYR are hosting a public forum Oct. 8 featuring candidates for this fall Avon Town Council election. The campaign season is expected to be lively with 10 candidates on the ballot to fill four slots. The event offers an opportunity for the Avon electorate to […]

Vail Daily column: Pronghorns: Speedsters of the Colorado high plains

By Edward Stoner Colorado is home to one of America’s fastest land mammals, Antilocapra Americana, better known as the Pronghorn. Pronghorns are often referred to as pronghorn antelope, which is misleading as a pronghorn is not related to the antelope family (much like our state bird, the lark bunting, which is actually a sparrow). Pronghorn […]

Suicide in the mountains: Communities work to reduce the stigma

By Lauren Glendenning This is the first part in a four-part series looking at suicide, drug and alcohol addiction and mental health resources in the mountains. Molly Fiore thought she wanted to kill herself — she had the thought many times throughout the course of 20 years. When she couldn’t seem to make herself do […]

Vail Daily travel feature: A center of Piemonte gastronomy

By caramie schnell Whoever concocted the Italian proverb — Mangiare per vivere e non vivere per mangiare (eat to live and not live to eat) — obviously never dined at Ristorante il Centro in Priocca d’Alba, Italy. Had that survivalist visited the decades-old temple to Piemontese cuisine, they definitely would have wanted “to live to […]

Josiah Middaugh second at nationals

By Chris Freud OGDEN, Utah — Local endurance athlete Josiah Middaugh finished second in Saturday’s Xterra USA Championship triathlon in Ogden, Utah, and wrapped up the American season points total for second year in a row. However, Middaugh wasn’t exactly bubbling. “I feel really good about my performance,” he said. “But I’m definitely somewhere in […]

Vail Christian topples R.M. Lutheran, 42-16

By Chris Freud LONGMONT — Welcome home, Vail Christian football. In a novel concept, the Saints actually have two homes game in a row — a veritable bounty — after starting the season with three road games in four weeks. Vail Christian is returning to Eagle County fresh off a 42-16 win over Rocky Mountain […]