VCBA is launching a new initiative for our employees who work in Vail and would like to invite your business to participate in the Mountain Hospitality Ambassador Card this year.  Please complete this form to participate. 
VCBA would like to encourage our employees who work in Vail to set a higher standard of customer service and welcome our guests to enjoy our community and businesses in Vail.
A Mountain Hospitality Ambassador pledges to provide premiere customer service and must attend a Vail Chamber event that will help motivate our employees to  become a Vail Ambassador.  We would like to ask your business to provide a Locals’ discount for our Mountain Hospitality Ambassadors who complete this program.  The Ambassador will present a personalized card at the business in order to receive the Ambassador Discount.
Your business will be highlighted on our website with the Mountain Ambassador Discount as an added benefit for being a premiere Vail employee.  We sincerely hope that you all will participate in this program.  It takes an entire community to make Vail EPIC!


VCBA is also available to provide a 30-40 minute training session for your employees.  If you are interested in having us come in and present information about Vail and Mountain Hospitality, please email us to set up a day/time.  Employee who attend this program will also receive a Mountain Hospitality Ambassador Card.

Thanks you in advance and we look forward to launching the Mountain Hospitality Ambassador program this year!!!

Please sign up for the Mountain Hospitality Ambassador Card and Discount Here

Please also feel free to forward these presentations from the Winter Update Meeting as additional training materials for your Vail employees. Winter Kickoff Presentation and Town of Vail Presentation.

Attn: Vail Employees


We invite you to sign up here to begin the process of becoming a Mountain Ambassador of Vail and receive a Mountain Hospitality Card with local discounts.

Mountain Hospitality Ambassador Card is available to employees in Vail who participate in a minimum of 1 Mountain Hospitality Event. Events may include Winter Update Meeting, Employee Walking Tour, January Reboot and more to come!

to gain local knowledge 
and offer premiere customer service throughout Vail. 
The Mountain Hospitality Ambassador Card is for my use only and 
I understand the benefits associated with this card. 
These benefits are a privilege not a right.
I am an integral part of making our Vail community great!